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CultivatorStrainI / S / H% THC-A
2.83 GRAMS
5.66 GRAMS
**Strain of the DayOG Kush StoryIndica19.62%0.03%$37.80
**On the Shelf:
Cresco LabsPheno 51Indica17.70%0.15%$35.00
Standard WellnessHarvest MoonIndica22.18%0.00%$35.00
Calyx PeakThe GlueIndica23.09%0.09%$42.00
Riviera CreekTrainwreckSativa15.24%0.03%$42.00
Calyx PeakMr. NiceIndica21.00%0.40%$42.00
Calyx PeakPineapple JuiceSativa19.60%0.00%$42.00
HemmaCush B DCBD 6.50%10.80%$42.00
Calyx PeakCookiesIndica20.19%0.00%$42.00
Calyx PeakO'Ryan KushIndica24.10%0.07%$45.00
Calyx PeakPure KushIndica22.70%0.06%$45.00
Calyx PeakSundae DriverIndica23.04%0.00%$45.00
Calyx PeakTriangle KushIndica23.80%0.07%$45.00
Calyx Peak24 KIndica27.07%0.08%$45.00
Calyx PeakGhost OGIndica23.90%0.07%$45.00
Calyx PeakBlue SteelHybrid27.17%0.00%$45.00
Calyx PeakZookiesHybrid17.29%0.00%$45.00
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